About Abbott Oil Services Limited

Business Operating Model

Abbott Oil Services Limited is an indigenous player set to revitalize the local energy and gas market with a strategic deployment of assets and resources especially in the areas of our core competence such as energy, environment, oil and gas, and marine technology.

Management Team


Health and safety


To become a global player in the Oil and Gas industry with a passion for exceeding customers’ expectations.

Mission Statement

To be the preferred oil servicing company rendering quality services in energy, environment, oil and gas, and marine technology to our  clientèle.

Our Governing Values

Our values define the enduring character of our organization. They provide the glue that holds the organization together as it grows, decentralizes, diversifies, expands and develop workplace diversity;

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Continuous Learning
  • Innovation
  • Dignity of the Individuals
  • Empathy
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